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The collaboration between Luis and Daniela Marcozzi was born in occasion of two artist residencies Ortopolis (Pesaro, 2015) and Ex-Fornace (S. Andrea di Conza, 2017). Since then, Luis began composing and editing music for theater sometimes taking part at body-voice workshops, other times getting involved on stage along with Daniela as in Watermouth and Aldebaran, presented in Berlin between 2016 and 2017 (Ada studio, TheaterHaus Mitte, Expedition Metropolis, Noize Fabrik).

Their collaboration renewed with the performance Diagonal Vertigo (2019), last chapter of Trilogy of Power, at Performing Arts Festival Berlin 2019; for it, Luis has written all the music.

Caboose is a blues/rock project founded by composer and guitarist Luis DeCicco.

Thanks to a fluent touring, they develope an unique mèlange of folk, psychedelic, african music, spoken word, often including other art forms like physical theater and slam poetry.

The first EP Caboose was recorded in October 2018 and printed in 400 copies sold out, followed by more than 50 concerts between France, Italy and Germany.

During the tour they have opened for Watermelon Slim, Eric Bibb, Robert Kimbrough.

In January 2019, thanks to the collaboration with Mojo Station, a radio broadcast based in Rome, they gain the semifinals at the IBC in Memphis, the worldwide contest for blues acts.

Later, their tour stopped in the most important venues of the midwest like Handy's Blues Hall (Memphis), Bluesberry Cafè (Clarksdale), D.B.A. (New Orleans).

In February 2019 they have launched the new CD "Hinterland Blues" playing two release parties in Rome (Monk club) and Berlin (ACUD).



Born in Denver, Colorado, Erin moved to London aged 10 but didn’t turn to creating music until after finishing university. Upon teaching herself the guitar, she moved to New York before embarking on a tour of Italy just a few years later. Since then Erin has completed seven tours of Italy, including a support slot with acclaimed Italian band Zen Circus.


Neuquèn is a collective of musicians and producers from Belgium, Germany, Italy and Chile.

Their music includes elements of electronics and world music, halfway between free improvisation and compositions, mixing Afro-Andean rhythms and melodies with sounds and instruments from Northern Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia, always supported by a relentless groove.

Their first release is "Neuquèn Power" EP, followed by "Umoya", both released for Global Hybrid Records.




The Juke Joint Smokers are an acoustic trio that sometimes hosts Luis DeCicco on slide guitar. As the band name already suggests, the boys play the Blues, with touches ranging from hill-country to bluegrass. The repertoire provides a wider range of rural Southern music from places like the Mississippi Delta, Mississippi Hill Country, Southern Appalachia, Piedmont and the Bayou, rigorously unplugged.


Luftmensch is an art collective that joins music to dance and story telling. They combine contemporary electronic music and improvisation with a slint of kraut rock, spoken word, and dance on ground and in the air.

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