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​Luis was born in Benevento and began to be passionate about music playing the piano, and then dedicated himself to classical guitar.
Self-taught, he graduated in Modern Literature in Naples with a thesis on Cesare Pavese. In the same year he decided to suspend his university studies to dedicate himself completely to music. He participated in various clinics in Italy where he met Jim Hall, Pat Martino, Frank Vignola, Joscho Stephan. In the meantime he continued to cultivate his passion for writing and drawing, which influenced his artistic vision and took him away from jazz to rediscover primitive, popular music - its sense of hypnosis and ancient ecstasy present in  all cultures.

In Berlin he took part in Daniela Marcozzi's theatre trainings before writing the music for numerous physical theatre and dance shows, sometimes even creating drawings based on work sessions.
At the centre of the study is the human being, his language, his mythological background. He actively collaborates with numerous bands, both live and studio (Erin K, Caboose, Neuquèn Groove, Luftmensch Collective), and composes music for performing arts and soundtracks for documentaries.
He collects folk instruments from all over the world and loves reading books, watching old Spaghetti western movies, cooking, singing, getting lost in the cities and always returning to the countryside


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