The guitar solo is an iconic feature in Luis' activity, even using different monikers and unofficial collaborations.

The first live-set, which consisted of a laptop and a guitar, begins in 2016 along with the release of Watermouth (Niafunken 2017).

By establishing an equilibrium between ritual music (loop, trance, hypnosis) and its modern features like techno and minimal music, Luis found a personal meaning of traditional music. By combining machine's cool exactitude and human sensitivity, he lets the public penetrate the contact points and the voids created  by the contrast of these two forcefields, a work which investigates the limits and the beauty of mathematics and poetry.

His style is described as an ideal interplay of avant-garde, psychedelia and ethnic music which finds in the linguistic-musical deconstructionism its favourite field of investigation.

In this sense, the word “experimentation” has a wide range of meanings, but first of all it's a process of investigation more than a genre. It's the will to go out of a comfort-zone, whatever "comfort" stands for.

Definitely, it's not only music but: a feeling of the parts. Every cell, as well as notes, place themselves in space and time listening  to each other and start a history of relation, attraction, weight. 


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In German language the words Geschichte - Gedicht - Gesicht, even with a similar assonance, have three different meanings:
history, poem and face.
Allowing myself the privilege to play with these words, I assume that history is a poem written on man's face.
The music I created follows the steps of this man, becomes his shadow and gives us a glimpse of his history, blending it with the stories of others.

Watermouth is the soundtrack of this journey, the meeting of a man with the poem his life is composed by: no matter where he comes from or where he goes to: just like a blow or a river.

Watermouth has been created and produced by Louis DeCicco during the year 2016 between Berlin and the countryside of Benevento.
The atmospheres reflect the environment of these two places and create a trait-d'union between two different solitudes.

All instruments played by Louis DeCicco
except violins played by Corrado Ciervo

Recorded, played and produced by Louis DeCicco.
Mastered by Martyn Heyne in Berlin.
Mastering supervisor Nazareno De Luca
Cover artwork by Costanza Fraia


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