Ph: Pierluigi Muscolino


Originally born and raised in Italy, then in Germany but he still keeps on travelling. 

Luis is a taciturn man and lover of both crowded and solitary spaces, noise and silence in the same way. Therefore he considers himself a good listener and passionate reader.
He likes to be a sincere player on stage, and to be respectful when listening. 
He thinks that a smile is a good way to start the day, but 3-4 espresso also do the job.


He likes to face challenges and  to look at the sunset at 7:00 pm as it falls on the adriatic coast. He tries to conceil all these things inside himself as long as he needs.
"Mi casa es tu casa" is an expression which represents for him the essence of music: my home is your home, and you are welcome to come and leave. Do it with love!

He would love to shoot a film when an old man meets a young man at dawn and sunset, every day for one week, talking to each other. 
Title: Be grateful, be safe.